Wine Industry

An Overview of the UK Wine Industry and the Purchasing Options Available

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The United Kingdom is among the smaller producers of wine in the European Union, but ranks among the world’s biggest importers. There are a number of bodies that control the wine industry in the UK and they include the Wines and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA) and a producer association United Kingdom Vineyards Association (UKVA).

There is the regulating authority, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) that offers advice, registers all UK vineyards and enforces the set EU wine laws. FSA inspectors are charged with inspecting warehouses and traders.

UK Wine Industry in 2017

Statistics and forecasts are showing that the UK wine industry is set to grow by a 6.1% to hit the £ 13.14 billion by the year 2018 and there are indications that its volume growth will begin picking up this year. The value growth has been increasing in a healthy way as it was at 1.4% in 2016 and is expected to grow up to 2% in 2017 and 2.2% in 2018. The factors fueling the growth are the increase in disposable incomes, continued craving for sparkling wine and increased on-trade fortunes. The economy is touted to improve further in 2017 and with it there will be more consumer spending power. The volumes are expected to grow by a 1.6 % that is from 1,262 million liters to 1,282 million liters in 2018.

Buying Wine from a UK Vintner

Wine makes one of the wonderful things to have at hand in order to toast in celebration of a number of achievements on like new baby, wedding, a new year etc. A good number of people have wine in their homes and offices. There are a number of ways that can be used to order for wine. UK vintners have made it easier by making it possible to order for wine online. There are specific systems that have been put in place by UK vintners to ensure that anyone can order and get their wine easily and from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Ordering Online

UK vintners have made it possible for anybody to shop online by offering a wide variety of available wines in one stop. The process of ordering for wine online is so simple that anyone using these services for their first time will not experience any issues at all. This process has been successful as the UK vintners partnering with specific companies that ply their trade online. Ordering wine online from a UK Vintner comes with the hidden advantage of lower prices than those in the stores.

For more information, contact UK Vintners (UKV PLC) online via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Lip Moisturizers

Evolve Your Lips to Smooth

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Evolution of Smooth, or EOS lip balm is an amazing product for your lips. It is an all-natural, flavored lip balm that is full of antioxidants, vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter. This mix of ingredients gives you a petroleum free smooth and soft lip! All products are dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive. There are numerous products and flavors to choose from.

EOS offers something for everyone including sphere forms: organic smooth, visibly soft smooth, shimmer smooth, active protection smooth, and stick form: organic smooth, as well as multi-pack so you can find the one that is perfect for you! Within each different form is a number of different flavors. Some of these flavors include: pomegranate raspberry, passion fruit, blueberry acai, and coconut milk. Acai is a very popular flavor in today’s time so let’s focus on the blueberry acai one today! The products are being sold at major stores like Target, Walmart and Lucky Vitamin.

Blueberry acai gives you a wonderful and refreshing mix of blueberry and acai flavors. The smell is so good it makes you want to eat it, smelling very fruity! The texture of the lip balm itself is not nearly as slippery as other lip balms, it is in fact very thick. This ensures that it coats your lips with a nice layer of moisturizing goodness! If you would like to make sure your lips stay moisturized while wearing lipstick, it is a perfect lip balm for that. You can order this specific flavor from Evolution of Smooth themselves at:


Inmate Communication App

Why Securus During the Holidays

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There are so many people who are currently using Securus with wonderful success and this can be something that benefits you as it has for a lot of other individuals. Securus is one of the top communication systems in the prison system right now and this is why a lot of people are using it during the holiday season. The Christmas season can be very difficult for people because of the fact that it prevents you from seeing your loved one who you might have seen on such a regular basis in the past and are now not able to see at all because it is too difficult for you to make a trip to the prison just to be able to see their face.


I know the struggle very much myself because of the fact that one of my loved ones was in prison and it was too difficult for me to keep in touch with them during the holiday season. This cause me to feel very badly because I knew they felt very left out from the family and this was something that was a problem for me and my family the entire season. This is when I began to discover a system known as Securus and started using it on a regular basis just to be able to keep in touch with my loved one with whom I was not able to see regularly.


One of the great things about the Securus system is that it allows you to easily keep in contact with your loved ones through video visitation that you can do right from the comfort of your own house. The Securus option is enabling people to easily keep in contact with each other no matter where they happen to be in the world and this can prevent you for making those lengthy and costly trip just to be able to see your loved one during the holiday season because they are nowhere near located to where your home happens to be.


There are a lot of people who are currently using the system and are thrilled with what it has done for them and their loved ones. My own experience using the system has been nothing but positive and it is why I continually make use of it each and every day no matter how often I want to keep in touch with my loved one because of the fact that they are in prison and cannot see me regularly.


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Securus Technologies


Pulmonary Diseases

Stem Cell Therapy Is Changing Lung Disease Treatments

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A Radical New Medicine

The Lung Institute’s hard work over the years has finally paid off. Stem cell therapy, once regarded as a pipe dream, is now available for those suffering from chronic lung illnesses. Currently, the medical paradigm has provided unsatisfactory treatments for many chronic lung diseases. Patients are simply not able to live with an acceptable quality of life. Adult stem cell therapy is changing all of this and blazing a new trail. In their wake the world of medicine is changing into something entirely new.

Stem Cells In Action

According to, the adult stem cell therapy the Lung Institute is using is an almost entirely natural process. The stem cells used are extracted from the blood of the patient and later injected into the site of interest. Over the course of a specified time period doctors observe the effects of the stem cells in order to understand the trajectory of the treatment. There is no need for doctors to continue any work on the patient because the stem cells activate a natural process. Additionally, these effects tend to have long lasting effects on the outcome of the disease.

A Case Study In Pulmonary Fibrosis

One of the best ways to understand the work of the Lung Institute is to observe the effects this therapy has had on pulmonary fibrosis patients. Joseph O., a patient of the Lung Institute, had spent much of his life dealing with the pain and debilitation of pulmonary fibrosis. He had a constant need of oxygen and couldn’t even perform basic tasks for himself such as walking upstairs. Thanks to the adult stem cell therapy John is receiving he is now able to live life with greater function. He no longer needs the assistance of oxygen tanks and he is able to live life unshackled from his disease. Stories like his aren’t flukes or strange exceptions. He is simply an example of what stem cells can do for those in need. There patients with asthma, COPD, and other debilitating disorders who give testimonies saying the same things John does.

Visit the Lung Institute’s Facebook page and website,, for more information.








Helping Society and One’s Self with the Kabbalah Centre

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Spiritual fulfillment and an understanding of the universe around us are two of the major reasons millions of people around the world are looking to the teachings of The Kabbalah Centre to provide them with a greater level of understanding of life. The teachings provided by The Kabbalah Centre date back to the earliest figures seen in the Old Testament of the Bible, including Adam and Abraham who are reported by scholars to have passed on the Kabbalah as an oral tradition through their bloodlines. The Kabbalah Centre has looked to develop a modern way of interpreting these ancient scriptures that allow students to follow the guidelines for a successful life that brings us closer to achieving a more fulfilled life.


The Kabbalah Centre looks to develop a set of guidelines linking each student back to the Creator of all things in the universe, regardless of which set of religious beliefs they follow on a regular basis. One area taught by The Kabbalah Centre is the need to leave the comfort zone of a student in a bid to learn more about one’s self and to allow the spirituality of the individual to open up as a receptor. It is often difficult for us all to enjoy the spiritual side of life in the busy world we live in to push the individual to achieve more in their life than moving through the everyday aspects of life.


In the 21st century many students of The Kabbalah Centre are looking for ways of providing a better way of understanding the universe and continuing the journey of the soul. The Kabbalah Centre hopes to make it easier for every individual to find a better way of living their life by helping each student interpret the scriptures in a way that helps them discover the rules of the universe and how to live within them. A socially responsible attitude to life and society is also encouraged as The Kabbalah Centre seeks new ways of making the lives of their students and those they come into contact with more fulfilled and happier.

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Advertising Leader

Lori Senecal: Lessons all Brands Should Learn from Celebrities

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Some of the leading brands in the world can learn useful tips from the young celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Lori Senecal is the chief executive officer at Crispin Porter and Bogusky advertising agency, and she urges brands to learn the following tips from the celebrities.

Look for a great stylist
Lindsay Lohan is believed to have been elevated from Disney Teen Queen to the respectable Karl Lagerfeld. Nicole Ritchie was also elevated from being an ordinary stripper casual to the red carpet tastemaker. The brands that have not mastered this lesson have not done well in the competitive industry. Consumer brands that hire great stylists end up winning more market shares. One of the famous brands in the world, Heineken Premium Light, looks very chic and stylish, and it was recognized as a beer just after it was launched. The company of Lori Senecal hired the best professionals, and this is why it has one well.

The modern consumers prefer a great comeback
Most of the young celebrities in the world understand that the only narrative way to generate publicity is a complete personal turnaround. These individuals are always surrounded by jail times, rehabs, unwanted pregnancies, and many other complicated problems. For instance, Martha Stewart made millions of money due to her great publicity. This was due to a jail stint that she had generated.

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Expand your profile
The modern celeb is not contented by flaunting their unique talents in a single discipline. Most of the top celebrities are also directors, online entrepreneurs, producers or owners of fragrance or clothing lines. Most of the modern brands should follow this rule. If you want your brand to become successful, then you must diverse and offer clients more services.

Downsize drastically
This is one of the great strategies from Lori Senecal that have never failed in the past. It is has proven to draw the attention of many individuals. Some celebrities drop one hundred pounds and later on invite journalists to discuss different eating disorders. The famous Olsen Twins are believed to have gone from being sitcom to-video actresses.

Interact with other sexy brands
If you realize that one celebrity is good for your brand, then two will work perfectly. Partnering with a reliable celebrity can have significant benefits to your brand according to Lori Senecal. Brands that have discovered this secret are doing very well. Choose the brand you associate yourself with carefully. Partnering with the wrong people can do more harm than good.

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Unisex Product

EOS or Chapstick

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There are a lot of lip balm companies that sell their products, but you might not know what the difference is or why EOS beat out chapstick. There are differences that put EOS lip balm on the top of their game.

EOS Difference

There are several differences in what EOS gives the people who use it. The biggest is the Shea butter that is in the the EOS lip balm. It helps your lips to feel better and to be softer. It also helps to undo any damage to your skin that may have happened because they were too dry. This is a great thing when it comes to your lips. The last thing you want is to have dry chapped lips and no way to make them feel and look better.

Why it’s Better Than Chapstick

There are a lot of chapstick flavors and it is something that people know of, but it hasn’t bettered itself like EOS has. Eos also has many different flavors that are available on Ulta. It also has a different kind of container. It’s unique and makes it so you can get to the lip balm all the way to the bottom. That makes things so much better than if want something that smells and looks good.

There are a lot of lip balms to choose from, but EOS is a great one to use. It can keep your lips feeling and looking good. It also can be just what you need to help your lips in more than one way. You should take your time and pick the flavor that you want the most and that will be the best for your need.s What are you waiting for? Get out and get your EOS lip balm. Visit our website at




Ken Goodgame’s Strategies To Success At True Value Company

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True Value Company revealed a new strategy of pricing and merchandising which entailed the reduction of goods which were lowly priced to compete with other competitors to get back their original prices. Kenneth Goodgame who is the chief merchandiser and senior vice president of True Value Company came up with this brilliant plan.

his strategy is supposed to offer a vast assortment of high-price point and mid-price point goods which will differentiate True Value Company from discount competitors and in turn increase the retailers’ gross margin in dollars and drive greater value for True Value’s customers.

Another initiative which True Value had established was adding different state buyers who would help in boosting product productivity with the support of Geo-Demographic Analysis. This tool measures the trade area dynamics. Previously, assortments of goods were distributed by size or popularity, but in the Geo-Demographic program, varieties of products will be sold to meet the geographic needs of our customers. Ken Goodgame divided them a fresh into categories that included suburban, rural, and urban assortments of fine-tuned products.

Goodgame also pointed out a plan which entailed a pricing strategy of Buy more and Save; Everyday low pricing for sensitive SKUs; Pro packs, and Compare and Save for private label brands vs. national brands. This plan was supposed to build on True Value’s performance in retail store sales up to almost 5%, while the co-op revenue to realize a 4.8% profit.

As the Chief Merchandiser and vice president of True Value Company, Ken Goodgame insists on ensuring they have a proper merchandising plan that will improve the quantity and quality of the company’s assortments of products in each year.

About Ken Goodgame
As an influential operations management leader, Mr. Goodgame specializes in creating innovative merchandising and marketing business strategies. His focus is to deliver a balance of quality assurance, employee engagement, and corporate alignment systems that help improve profitability and performance. Goodgame’s great experience gives him a head start to be able to see and predict a geographical market shift and also a veteran’s eye to avoid costly money blunders that bring down a company. Ken Goodgame is a Bachelor of Science in Marketing graduate from the University of Tennessee.


Jason Halpern Will Soon Go Global

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Jason Halpern is the president of JMH Development. Right now Jason and his team are responsible for building major properties in the United States. These properties include things like casinos, large apartment buildings, government buildings, and so much more. This company has easily moved into being the highest paid and most popular development company in the United States.


Jason Halpern believes him and his team have accomplished too much not to take this company global. They are currently undecided as to how many countries that would like to place headquarters in. That is why Halpern has put forth a committee to study the real estate and construction rate around the world. Halpern wants to involve JMH Development in areas where business is booming.


Jason Halpern believes other countries will benefit from JMH Development. There are not too many American development companies in other countries. This means JMH Development will bring new designs and ideas to many countries. In turn, Halpern believes businesses will instantly expand and want to create other establishments in their respective regions.

Jason Halpern is also very excited to bring his design team to other countries. His design team gets to work while the property is being constructed. The design team sits the business owner(s) and develops a unique design for the establishment. The design team handles everything from the way the bathrooms are setup to the color of the carpet in the entrance way. One of the free features of the design team is putting together and grand opening.


Though Halpern’s design team does come out of JMH Development, he has a separate team that comes from Parametric Dining, which is another company run by Halpern. The design team from Parametric Dining is all about technology. They will make sure the establishment being put together by JMH Development is equipped with all of the newest technology advances on the market. This can be either new computers or certain wiring to make the process of business move a lot faster.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

Jason Halpern also has in mind to have reasonable prices when establishing his business in other countries. Jason knows many places outside of the United States are suffering financially. He is going to make a commitment to the local governments of all the countries where his business will reside. The commitment will be that JMH Development will only charge what a business owner’s budget will allow. Halpern believes this will help keep peace within the countries he plans to enter.


Everyone at JMH Development and Parametric Dining are happy to learn that Jason Halpern has global ideas. They believe this is on of the final steps before becoming the best developmental service on the entire world.

Fashion Company

Naomi Campbell: Fashion Powerhouse

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Naomi Elaine Campbell was born in London on May 22nd 1970. From a very young age Campbell had an interest in modeling, but it wasn’t until she was fifteen that she finally got her chance to become a professional model. She was an instant hit and her popularity skyrocketed overnight. Naomi Campbell is considered to be one of the first supermodels and has paved the way for those following in her footsteps. Naomi Campbell was the first black model to be photographed for the covers of the British, French and Russian Vogue as well as the cover of TIME magazine. Altogether she has been in over 500 magazine covers in her career with that number steadily climbing. She has worked with several big names in the fashion industry including: Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry, Valentino, Marc Jacobs, Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana.

Most of Campbell’s time outside of modeling is spent on charity work and fundraising in South Africa. The passion began in 1993 when she was able to meet and work alongside the late Nelson Mandela, who would come to call her his “Honorary Granddaughter”. In 2005 Naomi Campbell began working a little closer to home by establishing the Fashion For Relief fashion show that was to benefit those affected by Hurricane Katrina. The Fashion For Relief fashion show has gone on to raise millions of dollars to help victims. The show has been hosted in London, Mumbai, New York, Moscow, Cannes and Dar es Salaam.

Naomi Campbell has also had appearances in television. She was a minor character on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “The Cosby Show”. Recently, she has become the executive producer of “The Face”, a fashion and modeling contest that would allows beginner models to face off against one another to win a chance at becoming a star. This also gets them in contact with designers, publications and photographers that are professionals in the business. The first season of “The Face” aired on Oxygen in 2012 and the second season aired on Sky Living in 2013. Campbell plans on bringing the show to many more notable locations around the world in years to come.