Town Residential has had a great fourth quarter in 2015

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Town Residential gave notice to their fourth quarter earnings on January 5th. Town Residential is a New York Real Estate company. The Aggregate is their market report. In the fourth quarter, the report discloses an on going climb in sales. Manhattan has average sales that rose to 5.2 percent, making it to 1,976,660 dollars. The median sales in Manhattan has grown to 16 precent higher than last year, making it to 1,150,000 dollars. The sales of Manhattan condos has risen also to 1,736,250 dollars which is a 11 precent growth from last year and it is 7.6 precent higher from the 2015 third quarter. The Manhattan co-ops had a slight rise in sales in the fourth quarter. It had a 4.6 precent growth to 1,272,902 dollars.

Andrew Heiberger, the CEO of Town Residential has said that the fourth quarter growth is because the new development sales in Manhattan. The president of Town Residential, Wendy Maitland, said that Manhatten had 4,326 apartments still on the market at the end of December. She thinks 2016 will be a even better year in the New Year luxury real estate market.

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  1. Emma Remy
    August 3, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    I think Towns Residential could be the closed to have the innovation that we need to project to the next business revolution. They have legit to help in making the growth that make sure that the strategy that they use work for them. It will continue to trend in the upward direction if they see this as a phase in the real estate spectrum.

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