Northstar Health Care Center Becomes Nobilis Health Corporation and Soars to the Top

On December 5, 2014, Northstar Healthcare Inc became Nobilis Health Corporation. According to their president, Harry Fleming, the name change was necessary for the successful entry into major U.S. capital markets. Northstar began in 2007,in Houston, Texas. Northstar Healthcare only managed 7 centers in Arizona and Texas. In total, within Dallas, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona, the two cities had two ambulatory surgical centers apiece. Northstar only had one urgent care and two MRI centers. Since December 2014, as Noblis, this health care agency has started serving six more facilities in Arizona and spread out into such states as Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Tennessee and New Jersey. Fleming hopes that Noblis acquires many more states. There are several other Northstar Health Care centers in the United States. Harry Fleming and his board members decided to avoid the confusion. In its first year as Nobilis Health Corporation,it purchased Victory Medical Center from a company that recently filed for bankruptcy after opening the center in 2011. The goal for Nobilis is to have low cost, minimally invasive surgery . Harry Flemming quickly entered Nobilis in the New York Stock Exchange. Nobilis closed at $12.1 million, making between $33 million to $35 million according to Google Finance by the close of the first quarter of 2015. Nobilis continued to have good fortune in the year 2015. By the end of the first quarter, Nobilis had closed GE Capital’s $25 million debt. Towards the end of the second quarter, Nobilis was pleased to announce it had reached $48.9 million according to Yahoo Finance. Nobilis used the capital to help finance their investments for the year. In October, Russell Stanley who works as a market analyst for Mackie Research Capital, noticed this past year was not a good year for worldwide markets. He believed that Nobilis could be an exception. Stanley said that Nobilis Health Corp. (NHC-TSX) was his top pick for the 4th quarter period ending on December 31, 2015. By the end of the fiscal year, Nobilis’ stocks have outdone S&P 500 by over 10 percent. In the recent year, Nobilis owns over 100 surgical centers in Dallas and Houston, Texas.  In 2013, when it was still North Star, Nobilis began to fund Pinky Swear, a non profit organization for children with cancer.

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  1. Jayla Jerome
    August 29, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    The first year, Nobilis was involved with the organization, they raised $7 million. They currently own 9 hospitals. In July, Nobilis had a ribbon cutting ceremony for Plano Hospital. The value of all this might depend on some level of trust by best dissertation writing service and I know it might not go down well with some of them even though it could cost them a lot.

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