New Dating Apps for Teens

Teens have a lot of friends. Many are tech-savvy. However, this tech-savvy nature of teens today takes a lot to make it work. Friends pressure to use new apps. There are countless ways to get attention from strangers. New apps come onto the market everyday.

Dating apps are particularly popular among teenagers. Skout is one of these dating apps. In terms of safety from strangers, it is one of the safest among the group. Users can sign up as a teen or an adult. With Skout, there is a teen area. Only teens that sign up are allowed in this area.

This area is moderated well, and keeps inappropriate things that could be found on other dating apps out. The app requires points to check out who has seen your profile, send winks, etc. These various fun things also give points in return for doing them. The points can also be bought. Notifications are sent to the users for various things – such as when someone views their profile, or when they get a wink.

Like many other dating apps, Skout has geographic location features. The app uses the GPS location of a phone or a tablet to find the closest people who use the app as well. This allows the users to get notifications when others in the geographic area join the app.

However, there are other apps out there.  However, this policy is difficult to maintain, and the content isn’t monitored from adult screens to minor screens. Sexually explicit material can pop up on a minor’s screen.

Another dating app, called Omegle, is one of the most known. It’s also the one that allows anonymous chats. These chats match people up, no matter the age. Information such as address, phone number, and name can later be shared with those they chat to. Chats here often turn very quickly to sex and related topics. The site also encourages chatters to meet up, in person.

Tinder is also a dating app. Swipes right and left allow a user to “like” or “pass” a photo, respectively. A meet up is pretty much the only goal here, although a hook up is the other goal.

Skout is quite possibly the safest app for teens. No anonymous texting, a teens only section, and the ability to talk to other teens. Dating apps are a difficult thing to navigate as an adult, but even more so as a teen with all these various apps that friends want you to try.

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  1. Nayeli Richard
    September 10, 2017 at 10:46 pm

    These other apps often lack the teen safe area that Skout has. Badoo, for example, has a policy that restricts those younger than 18 from posting photos of themselves. I also do know for sure that essay writing services reviews which would be easy which is not going to be easy and that alone would be easy too.

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