What Has Sergio Cortes Done?

Bottled water is a hot commodity following floods that have happened in any area and Sergio Cortes knows that. He has worked to get as much bottled water as he can for Xerém to ensure that the residents of the area have all of the water that they need to be able to stay hydrated. He wants the residents to remain healthy and wants them to have clean water to drink instead of drinking water that was contaminated as a result of the flooding. Atanews reported he has worked to collect donations and purchase water bottles that are available at the health centers and the hydration centers.

This Extra article talks about the different ways that floods can have an effect on people, but one of the most detrimental ones is that people can quickly contract diseases because the water is contaminated. People will be more susceptible to disease and will have to worry about what they are going to do to get better after they have contracted the disease. During times of flooding, people may be more prone to death from the disease because the medical personnel is working to ensure that there is prevention and is not focusing on the people who are actually sick.

Hypochlorite is one of the preventative measures that medical professionals, including Sergio Cortes, have been passing out to people who live in Xerém and were affected by the flood. The chemical can be used to ensure that water is clean and to make sure that the residents have something to bathe and wash their hands in. It is important that residents remain as clean as possible after the flood. They are not advised to drink the water that has been treated with hypochlorite, but it is generally considered safe to bathe in.

Rebuilding is a major step to overcoming a flood in any town. The residents of Xerém should begin rebuilding as soon as possible. Sergio Cortes has handled many emergency situations according to niteroi and is able to recognize that there are things that can help and things that can harm a town after a flood has occurred. While rebuilding may not make the water perfectly clean, it will help improve the situation. Residents who are able to come together and begin rebuilding will be able to have a better chance at normalcy following a flood. The residents of Xerém can benefit from rebuilding their town after the flood.

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