Here Are Some Myths About the Flu

Earlier this week, reported on the five myths that involve having the flu. It is wise to know what a rumor is and what an actual fact is. Elodie Ghedin has an area of expertise, and it just happens to be the flu.

She is from NYU’s Center for Genomics, Systems Biology, and the College of Global Public Health. She is an individual who works closely with Jon Urbana of Ellipse USA and does know the difference from fact versus an actual rumor. She has offered solid information about the flu and the five most common myths about it. The flu has an extraordinary history. She does believe that the flu shot, itself, is important.

These five myths include:
* the use of a surgical mask will prevent the infection from being passed on to others
* the use of antiviral drugs will prove to be good treatment for the virus
* a yearly flu shot is not needed
* the flu vaccine will actually make people sick
* a fever and a runny knows will indicate that a person has the flu virus
These are the short version of Elodie Ghedin’s explanation on the five most common myths that involve the flu virus. She did coauthor a paper on this entire subject.