European Union Collapse Predicted By George Soros

The European Union is facing a critical moment in its history in the view of hedge fund manager George Soros, who has detailed his views in an interview published on his Website. A number of events have taken place, and continue to drag on as they push the European Union towards the brionk of collapse; Soros explains the only option available to the EU is to look to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for strong and decisive leadership.
Chancellor Merkel was praised by the Hungarian Holocaust surivor Soros for her handling of the refugee crisis forced upon Europe by the conflict in Syria. George Soros believes the initial actions taken by Merkel after the humanitarian crisis showed her skills at reading the feelings of the people of Europe; however, Soros believes addressing the conflict in Syria and the role played by Russia is key to halting the flow of migrants both Soros and Merkel believe could cause a European financial and political collapse.

Russian aggression has been seen by Soros as a major issue facing Europe, and has promoted Merkel to the position of the leader of the free world in her role as the top politician in Europe. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused panic in many financial and political circles as financial problems exasperated by the conflict continue to dog Ukraine and could spread to Poland. The need for Poland to remain economically strong will play a key role in the future of the EU, largely because Soros believes any sign of weakness will lead to Russia looking to add to the land gains made in Ukraine.

The problems of war and armed conflict are not the only ones concerning George Soros as he looked to give his views on the future of the European Union; Soros also believes the financial crisis begun in Greece could continue to cause problems across the continent if not handled correctly. The initial European Union response to the economic crisis in Greece has been too short sighted in the view of Soros, who believes the problems caused by the debt issues will lead to collapse if not addressed in a stronger way. Continued issues across the continent are also being used by those seeking a British exit from the EU, which George Soros believes would be catastrophic for the continent as a whole.

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