Doctor Sergio Cortes Educates About Zika Virus

In April, 2015, Brazilian health workers were astonished to see a new disease threat appear: Zika virus. Dr. Sergio Cortes led the first responders in discovering which virus was emerging and finding ways to address this new threat. He has continually updated the populace with his efforts and findings to educate about the best ways to both prevent and treat Zika infections. He says the disease is actually transmitted by the same Aedes aegypti mosquito that also is the carrier of the existing chikungunya and dengue viruses in South America.
Actually, the virus is not really new, according to It first emerged in the 1940s in African locales, such as Sierra Leone, Uganda, and Tanzania. It then spread to the Southeast Asian countries Thailand and then India. Zika first appeared in the Western Hemisphere in 2015, including in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. Sergio Cortes has cited the information provided by research at the World Health Organization (WHO) as to how to treat the symptoms of Zika infections. There is not yet any effective vaccine to prevent the disease, so most prevention efforts have been to limit the proliferation of the mosquito that transmits the disease. The WHO assures everyone that the only possible way to contract Zika fever is from mosquitoes. Read Dr. Cortes Official Blog.

Dr. Cortes says the treatment of Zika victims is fairly straightforward and similar to methods for other such viruses: plenty of fluids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and pain reducing drugs. But, not aspirin as that can cause anti-coagulation, leading sometimes to problems with bleeding that cannot be stopped. The biggest issue with Zika is a tragic problem that the Brazilian Ministry of Health has determined is connected to Zika. This is the birth of babies with microcephaly to women who contracted Zika fever while pregnant. Microcephaly causes the baby’s head to be quite small and involves brain damage that affects the whole physiology of the baby. Most babies born with this debilitating birth defect do not live past ten very difficult years. So the need to stop further infections of Zika is paramount!

A second problem that Zika seems to be causing is Guillain-Barré syndrome. The WHO has found evidence that Zika causes this severe neurological condition. This is an autoimmune disease that is also causing great concern in health care workers because of Zika. To follow Dr. Cortes’ research and updates on the Zika virus, read His Facebook Page, His LinkedIn Page, and receive His Twitter Updates.

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