One Dog Food Company That Has Always Used Fresh Ingredients



Pet food manufacturers were recently the subject of an online article that discussed the increase in sales this industry has seen in the past couple of years. The article highlighted the products being produced by this 23-billion dollar industry, which included a lot of foods manufactured for dogs. Dog food manufacturers are constantly working toward providing products that not only appeal to dogs, but to their owners as well. The recent trend in dog food production has seen more products being made with the type of ingredients pet owners would eat themselves.

A Company That Uses Only Fresh Ingredients

While many dog food manufacturers are getting on board with creating products containing real food, one company has always produced products containing fresh ingredients. The nutrients found in the Beneful line of products are derived from the fresh ingredients they use to create them. Meat, chicken, fish and lamb are all good sources of protein for dogs. These ingredients are the real pieces of meat dogs love to eat. Pet owners will find the combination of meats, fruits and vegetables are very similar to the combinations of ingredients found in their own foods. Every Beneful product is created to be both appetizing and nutritious.


Real Homestyle Blends

Dog owners who want to give their pets a taste of the same foods they eat, will like the varieties available in the Beneful line of wet food products. Their line of chopped blends are designed to be easy for dogs to chew and digest. These homestyle blends include ingredients such as peas, carrots, chicken, rice and tomatoes. The Beneful line of medley varieties allow pet owners to give their dogs a taste of restaurant style dishes, which include the seasoned Tuscan medley and Mediterranean medley. All of the fresh ingredients are easily visible in all of the products produced by Beneful



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  1. Blake Turner
    October 5, 2017 at 11:23 am

    Dogs are good pets to be kept around the home and many people love keeping them, not just for security but they act as companions too. Just as humans feeds well to look fresh so also dogs needs quality food to look great as quotted by my research paper which is kinda cool. Hence the type of feed matters as well. No doubt there are several dog feed companies but Beneful is I have sticked to and I recommend same base on the fresh ingredents they use to manufacture dog feeds. ANother awesome thing about them is the variety of quality feed made from meat, chicken which are very good for the dog’s health.

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