Should You be Using Shampoo

As the healthy hair movement progresses in countries all over the world, a central question about hair health keeps emerging. People always are interested to know if they should be shampooing their hair. Some might view this as a strange question, but individuals who are experts in the hair care industry understand why the question is being asked. It has been discovered that traditional shampoos that have been used for decades and decades have actually been made using extremely harsh chemicals and detergents that are much too harsh for hair. These detergents are used to cleanse the hair, but actually strip the hair of any proteins, lubricants, and natural oils that the hair has retained.

When washing the hair, the intended goal is to cleanse the hair of any dirt and bacteria while leaving the hair’s natural oils intact. These oils work to protect the hair from excessive dryness. Because traditional shampoos use harsh detergents, they can cause excessive dryness which leads to breakage. For this reason, many people have stopped shampooing their hair altogether in an effort to preserve moisture. This act, however, has been made unnecessary by the WEN Hair Renewal System. This product allows people to opportunity to appropriately cleanse the hair without stripping it of valuable nutrients and oils.

Wen is able to preserve the natural oils in the hair because of its innovative ingredient list. The Wen shampoo is made with all natural ingredients that are formulated to enhance the hair’s natural cleansing properties and restore moisture to the follicles. The Wen products are free from harsh chemicals, dyes, and detergents, and is therefore extremely moisturizing and beneficial. Instead of allowing dirt build up by only conditioning the hair or stripping the hair of nutrients by shampooing with traditional shampoos, Amazon consumers now have the option of cleansing and moisturizing their hair at the same time. Several reviews on the Guthy-Renker blog about the WEN hair care line have suggested that the product is one of the best products on the market for individuals who are interested in finding a healthier alternative to traditional hair care.


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