The Difference Between Fashion And Style

Man Repeller is a blog and news magazine dedicated to the new woman. This woman is not your traditional type, but exemplifies a woman on the career track, who is delaying thoughts of a family, but she remains a fashionable modern woman on In the articles and feedback there is an emphasis on comfort clothes and dressing not to impress but to repel the advances of the opposite sex.

There is, however, an overt sense of being anti-man. Being a man, I can sympathize. We are a sex with just one thing on our minds. Freud had it right, after all. Men are just like that book written a few years ago but the author had it all wrong.

Men are from Venus and women are from Mars. Men want to procreate or die trying, while women, occasionally, get fired up and launch into a Shakespearean worthy diatribe on the consequences of our ill-advised actions or even utterances. We are, sometimes, doomed no matter what.

Forget the adages like, “Dress to impress” or a personal favorite by Alexander Wang, “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.”
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Fashion is, above all else, personal. Are we in the line behind the emperor with no clothes, telling him he looks great, or are we more rebellious only seeking to make ourselves happy with the image in the mirror. As a young man I preferred tightly woven fabrics and colorful striped ties but I evolved toward coarse textures and muted shades.

While I once enjoyed shopping in brick and mortar stores now I am on line and figuring the quality will be reflected in the brands I buy or the price listed for an unknown item. Sources like JustFab are priceless. Your text to link…

JustFab brings the shopping experience to an intimate level of making your fashion decisions with no considerations on time spent or emotions wasted in talking with a salesperson. Fashion has changed completely and for the better.
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