New Tools Enable Wikipedia Editors to Identify Articles that Requires Translation

Wikipedia is a reliable open source community that allows Wikipedia edits from volunteer editors. It exists in roughly 300 languages, but most of them are incomplete while others have missing entries. In a recent trial, computer scientists tremendously increased article creation by recommending missing articles to editors.

Articles and pages are written in English, or other popular languages comprise of a bigger percentage of Wikipedia’s 36 million entries. However, since over half of world’s population is monolingual, knowledge gaps exist from one language version to another.

Recommendation tool

Stanford’s computer scientists in partnership with Wikipedia Foundation have moved swiftly to address the existence of missing entries on Wikipedia. They have designed a recommendation tool that detects relevant articles that are not yet translated in a particular language. The tool enables multilingual Wikipedia editors to identify the articles available in a second language and translate them to a language understood by Wikipedia readers.

The recommendation tool can identify a volunteer editor equipped with climatology knowledge and literate in both French and Malagasy. The tool proceeds to recommend the editor to create an article explaining the effects of El Nino on agriculture and flooding. This article is availed to Wikipedia readers living in Madagascar.

According to Jure Leskovec, Stanford’s assistant professor, they identify projects that affect the world. The researchers from both Stanford and Wikimedia Foundation created a list of articles available in different languages. They proceeded to estimate the significance of absent articles based on geographic relevance and culture. The idea was to identify those articles that were relevant and urgent.

Why Wikipedia page creation is important for business or an individual

When details about an individual or business are available on Wikipedia site, editing them can be simple. The reputation of business, a brand, or an individual is boosted to a top-notch level when the information available online is positive. Wikipedia pages have the ability to add authenticity, reliability, and prestige to an individual, brand, or business. When a company is highly ranked on popular search engines, chances of increasing sales are very high. This is why hiring a Wikipedia writing company can be helpful to drumming up new business for your own company.

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