Finding a Taste of a New Type of Meal

Not too long ago the idea of food being big news would have caught people by surprise. But it’s becoming more and more evident that a poor diet will catch up to anyone. This has turned into a new interest in high quality meals. But a recent article by the Daily Herald shows that it’s an important item for every member of the family. Even the dogs are getting in on healthy eating.
The article highlights several different approaches to healthier meals for dogs. One of the more notable is a “he’ll have what you’re having” ad campaign. This highlights the idea of creating meals for dogs that are modeled after human favorites such as lasagna. The reporter also visited a dog food company where the executives in charge make a habit of taste testing some of the meals. According to their reports the chicken and turkey dishes, in particular, evoke fond memories of thanksgiving. All of the examples have one thing in common. They combine healthy ingredients into a tasty meal that would be great on a human’s plate as well.

But this philosophy isn’t anything totally new to the world. For example, Purina Store made a high quality dog food brand called Beneful has been adhering to this idea since it was founded in 2001. Beneful was created due to a need for healthier alternatives for dogs. They were so ahead of the curve there that much of their initial work went into finding ways to seal and store fresh ingredients. This is also why the dog food brand was able to make such a strong impression on Wal-Mart consumers.

People who opened up a bag of Beneful Dry Dog Food ( were in for a surprise. Every bag of Beneful dog food contained, and continues to contain, only the freshest ingredients. Opening a bag of Beneful’s dog food makes it obvious what dog food really should be like. The ingredients are plainly visible in every bag. For example, one can tell if it’s a chicken flavored meal due to the fact that there’s plump and juicy chunks of chicken within it. And the same goes for the healthy vegetables and other ingredients. Beneful is noteworthy for the fact that they make meals for dogs in the same way that great chefs make meals for people. They use fresh and nutritious ingredients. Learn more about Beneful: