WEN By Chaz Rescues Beauty Writer From Limp Sad Locks

When most of us buy regular shampoo from the drugstore and even high end retailers, we are unaware of some harsh detergents present in these formulas. These nasty ingredients can dull and strip our strands, rendering our hair damaged.
WEN by Chaz is the revolutionary no-poo method that has changed the hair care habits of thousands and thousands of women, and men, too. WEN consists of one bottle of cleansing conditioner that washes deeply like a shampoo, conditions, detangles and adds styling treatment to your hair. WEN restores balance, bounce and shine, and that’s exactly what Bustle contributor Emily McClane was seeking.

Emily took a 7-day WEN hair challenge to see if Sephora’s Fig formula could help her already fine, limp hair. She was curious to see if Chaz Dean’s amazing system could really deliver. Mr. Dean has not used a lather shampoo on his hair and celebrity clientele since 1993.

Emily kept a hair diary and snapped selfies each day. Emily admits she’s lazy about her hair routine, preferring to shower at night, but decided to try the AM washes.

Everything went perfectly when Emily stuck to the WEN routine. In the AM, she would pump out the minimum 10 amounts of Fig. Emily saw how her hair seemed to get super thick in the shower. Then she blow-dried and styled her hair and liked the results. She met up with friends one evening, and her hair had held up. They loved her shiny, healthy hair.

One time Emily washed at night with WEN, and her hair was flat when she awoke. She was disappointed. Another time she skipped the AM WEN wash because of time, and her hair greased up quickly.

Emily says WEN really works wonders when you stick to a simple AM routine.

FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html