One North Korean Defector’s Inspiring Story

Since her escape, Yeonmi Park has written and spoken about her escape about her life in North Korea. Though according to NK News there are many North Korean defectors, this young woman’s story is especially interesting as it describes how much this young girl had suffered and how much she had lost in order to get to where she is today. Currently Ms. Park has invested much of her time in a non profit organization that specializes in helping North Korean defectors adjust and settle into new lives in South Korea as well as United States. As a woman who has experienced culture shock, Ms. Park understands the necessity of offering these services.
Ms. Park has told her story on Daily Mail UK many times and has recently published a book that is able to cleanly describe her horrific travels on her way to freedom. In her book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom [], Ms. Park starts out by addressing the fact that she is a young defector as she was born in 1993 during the Kim Dynasty. Her experience during the collapse of the economy in North Korea is heart breaking as her father was forced into a labor camp as a result of smuggling metals into China. After suffering from starvation and isolation from her community, Ms. Park and her mother and father eventually made the hard and desperate decision to flee from North Korea and travel to China.

The journey that Ms. Park suffered was not an easy journey as she has to suffer loss as well as blistering heat and bitter cold. Eventually, by 2009, Ms. Park and her mother had to leave her father behind and settle down in South Korea. Since settling down in South Korea and becoming accustomed to the culture of freedom, Ms. Park, according to her wikipedia page, has become a human writes activist and has dedicated her life to helping others. Ms. Park hopes that by telling the world of her experience with brutality, will show what North Korea truly is like to its population.

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  1. Harry Kyle
    March 29, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    Yeonmi Park is a North Korean turncoat and a present human rights dissident who has devoted her life to helping other people with the perilous way of intersection the North Korean outskirt and far from the harsh administration. That is the most important thing in which academicwriting review would do these things for as long as possible which is not possible for many people.

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