Everyday Young Woman Tries WEN by Chaz

What happens when an everyday young woman tries out a product that was created by a “stylist to the stars”? Are her results facebook profile-worthy? Or do they fall flat? Here’s what happened to one blogger.

A beauty product enthusiast with fine, thin hair tried the popular hair care product, WEN by Chaz Dean, for a week and wrote about her results. She found the product to give her hair shine, and she loved the fact that her hair felt thicker, even in the shower. As a bonus, she noticed that she did not have any hair fall out in the shower like she normally did with other products. For people with fine hair, this can be a huge issue. She felt that the product performed best when she used it in the morning immediately before styling.
Wen by Chaz Dean is a hair care line sold on sephora that specializes in multi-purpose products such as conditioning cleansers and 5-in-one products. Available in Tea Tree, Fig, Sweet Almond Mint, Lavender, and Cucumber Aloe, this line has a product for every length, texture, and thickness of hair. Created from natural herbal and other botanical ingredients, this product cleans, nourishes, conditions, and revitalizes hair. It replaces at least two, and up to five, hair care products, making it a bargain as well as a solution to hair care issues.

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  1. Elliot Dalton
    December 5, 2017 at 4:13 am

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