Pushing Bad Articles Down in Search Results

Your company’s search results are becoming increasingly important, especially now that potential customers are searching for product information before making a purchase. With the internet having a longer reach on audience today, a negative review, negative press or any other damaging feedback can have a lasting impact on your company’s ability to sell products and services. With just a single negative article your company could lose nearly a quarter of your customer base. Two or three bad articles can mean devastating losses for your company by losing more than half of your client base. In a picture-perfect world you would be able to remove all the bad articles about you or your company permanently but in reality, most content may last longer than you’d hope. But what if there is a way to bury all those bad articles.

Here are a few steps to help you push bad articles down the search engine.

Create social media profiles

This means creating as many social media profiles that you can fully control. You should be able to use or post on all the social media profiles at least once every day. A barely active social media profile will show up only for a little while and will soon fade away. Also, select a strong site to create your profile. You can use twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram among others. Create content on all the sites with the intention of outranking the negative content.

Leave comments online

Comment on articles, forums, influential websites and other social media posts. This is a smart strategy for selling yourself and your company. Post intelligent, grammatically correct and well-reasoned content.

Link your various sites

Your search results ranking on google is determined by analyzing how many times other sites link to it. Raise your content by linking amongst your various sites.

Hire a reputation consultant/manager

Online reputation managers can help you push down articles down in search results. they can build your brand and help you bury negative reviews.

Bury Bad Articles (BBA) is an online reputation management company that helps companies to bury bad articles and restore their image. BBA helps companies to hide negative information that comes up on google searches. The company empowers you to control your online reputation by creating the accurate reflection of your company. They harness the power of online reviews to attract new customers by creating your company a true and an accurate image.

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