Securus Cracks Down on GTL Scam

Just like any other government agency, prisons must provide telephone services to their inmates. In Louisiana, the main provider of telephone services is Securus. Securus contracts ways smaller companies in order to provide more secure phone services.
In a recent press conference covered by the PR Newswire team, Securus released information regarding one of their main communications providers. Global Tel Link, also known as GTL, was recently found to have wrongfully treated customers, both inside and outside of the justice system.
According to Securus America, GTL is being reviewed for the possibility to they have committed systematic wrongdoings. For more than a decade, GTL has provided telephone services to prisons across Louisiana. Recent investigations into the records of GTL show that they have been committing a number of acts that are outside of the guidelines and contract they have with Securus.

Securus states that the following acts have been committed against GTL customers that were unauthorized, and unknown by Securus:

  • GTL purposely reprogrammed their correctional institution telephones to add between 15 to 36 seconds to each telephone call.
  • GTL purposely programmed their telephones to charge a higher rate than the tariffs they work under allow.
  • GTL purposely inflated the charges made to customers.
  • GTL purposely billed each single call more than once, which is illegal.
  • GTL knowingly overcharged the tax payers of Louisiana more than $1,243,000.

Securus openly states that they have been investigating this problem for approximately six months now and will continue to investigate this problem until they locate the exact person, or persons, responsible for these actions.

Learn more about Securus Technologies at Wikipedia.

Until further notice, all GTL phone lines are under the control of Securus and will be closely monitored for tampering. Actions will be taken against GTL, and possible criminal action will be taken against those who were responsible for ordering the manipulation of the individual phone’s internal mechanisms.

In documents that have been made available on the website, GTL is shown to have manipulated more than $70 million inmate phone calls, both through prisons and jails across the state of Louisiana.

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