Dick DeVos Impresses With His Philanthropic Choices

I have been aware of the business leader Dick DeVos since he became the President of the AmWay Group in 1993 and remained in place until 2002 when he entered a form of retirement. Recently, I was inspired to learn more about Dick DeVos after reading an interview with his wife Betsy published through the Philanthropy Roundtable detailing the philanthropic careers of the couple; the dedication to the cause of education is something I have been more than impressed by in the life of both Dick and Betsy DeVos. One of the aspects of the life of Dick DeVos that has most impressed me has bee his dedication to helping provide the best possible education for people from all economic backgrounds shown by Dick and Betsy DeVos for over 30 years; Dick DeVos has established a number of groups attempting to provide school choice for parents of all backgrounds, including the All Children Matter organization that led the way with bringing education reform to the masses. An area of great success for Dick DeVos has been the way he has chosen to place his own name and reputation at the forefront of the battle to give every child in the world the best possible education.


My first recollection of hearing about Dick DeVos comes from his initial promotion to the presidency of the AmWay Group established by his father Richard, whom I have since discovered was himself a great philanthropist. Much has been made in the research I have conducted into Dick DeVos of his success as a businessperson with the Orlando Magic NBA franchise and his own Windquest Group. I believe Dick DeVos has been most important as a philanthropist in education and beyond, which includes his dedication to returning to a set of values that are seen as distinctly American, which has seen him remain active with the Willow Creek Association since 1997.


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