Late For School Hacks By Wengie

Getting ready for school in the morning can sometimes be hard to do, especially if you’re running behind because you slept late. Wengie has a few tips to help get you out the door in only a few minutes. When you have less than 15 minutes to get ready for school, it seems almost impossible. Add a little lemon juice to a bottle of water. You can cut a lemon or add a bit of juice from a bottle to your water.


Add motivational quotes on your mirror or on your wall to give you a boost to start your day. You can also put these quotes on a cube so that you can turn the cube to a different saying every day. A timer on your toothbrush can help keep you running on time. It should take less than two minutes to brush your teeth and get out the door.


Use a natural makeup routine with a bit of mascara so that you don’t spend a lot of time doing your makeup in the morning. A simple lip gloss is also quick to apply if you want a little color on the lips. When you don’t have time to wash your hair, use dry shampoo to get rid of the grease. Blast the hair with a hair dryer to get rid of the powder from the shampoo. Toss your hair in a ponytail so that you don’t have to worry about fixing the hair in the morning, and it will keep strands from your face during the day.

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