Dr. Avi Weisfogel Is Serious About Sleep Apnea

When it comes to serious issues like sleep apnea, it requires serious people to handle the job. This is something that affects a great number of people. They have nights where they are snoring, have trouble breathing, and are really struggling. Everyone out there knows the importance of a good night’s sleep. If someone does not get their proper sleep, it can affect their mood, their work performance, and how they feel overall. That is why Avi Weisfogel is tackling this serious issue right now and he is walking the walk and talking the talk. He is not going to overlook this or ignore it. As a doctor, he takes great pride in the work that he does.


When he took his oath, he knew what he was signing up for and what was required of him. This is his life, his passion, and his love. It gives him a great sense of satisfaction when he can help a patient that has been battling something, no matter how big or small. When it affects the person’s quality of life, it deserves the right kind of doctor. That is why he founded Dental Sleep Masters, which is working around the clock to help people with sleep apnea better deal with it and be able to enjoy their lives and get some sleep.


As everyone knows, it takes a team. No one man or woman can do it all by themselves. They need a group of professionals or masters in this case. The more people that are working on it, the better the chances are of finding something that someone might have missed. That is why it is important to look high and low on this issue. Mann have come up with THN Sleep Therapy, which is a much more comfortable and less intrusive way of dealing with sleep apnea. A lot of people are afraid to put on the bulky mask and all of the noises that come out of the machine.


This is just the start of what they are doing, as they are trying to get people more comfortable with it.

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