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Airplane travel can be a pain, unexpected delays, gate changes, difficulty with baggage claim, and all the while your stomach is grumbling. Cara Brotman shows us how to make a delicious nut crunch brittle with only a few ingredients. It’s a healthy snack that will hold you over until you can sit down and have a nice meal.

The nut crunch brittle has only four ingredients: two cups of almonds, half a cup of brazil nuts, dried currants, and four tablespoons of maple syrup. Cara shows us that you start off by mincing the Brazil nuts, “they’re very easy to slice.” she says. Next on the chopping block is the almonds, small to medium chop is fine for these nuts. Add the almonds, brazil nuts, and dried currants to a mixing bowl then slowly drizzle the four tablespoons of maple syrup. Mix all the ingredients together and make sure that the maple syrup is coating all of the almonds, Brazil nuts, and dried currants.

Once all the ingredients are mixed and evenly coated with the maple syrup, you’ll want to spread the mixture onto a dehydrating sheet. Cara states that there’s no need for a “Tough Lex sheet” because there is absolutely no drip from the maple syrup. Make sure to spread the nut and syrup mixture flat and evenly on the dehydrating sheet. The nut crunch brittle stays in the dehydrator for up to three hours at 115 degrees.

This nut crunch brittle recipe is easily modified to anybody’s tastes. Cara shows us three types of nut crunch brittles, one with only almonds and Brazil nuts, another with almonds, Brazil nuts, yellow raisins, and dried currants, and the last type of brittle has cacao powder added to it for a nice chocolate-y flavoring. This is a healthy home-made play on trail mix that is travel safe and perfect for those long waits at the airport, hiking through the Sierras, or even just to add to your kid’s lunch. Cara finishes with telling us that it’s so easy to make and even addicting to eat which is great since it’s so good for you.

This video was originally posted on YouTube and can be found here.

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