Sweetgreen: Finally an Answer to the Fast Food Epidemic


Did you know that even though movies like, “Super Size Me,” and other documentaries about fast food preparation practices have been released, McDonald’s still serves 26 million people every day. There are 14,000 American McDonald’s franchises alone. There are thousands more around the word. In addition to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Pizza Hut and many other burger and pizza joints serve millions more people every day. Though we take health risks when we eat fast food, there’s no doubt that there is an urgent need for people to be able to get fast food sometimes. It’s only natural. People have busy modern schedules with work, school and their families. It’s impossible to think that there’s a convenient way for the average person to cook all the time.


It’s important to note, that many popular fast food restaurants have added some healthy foods to the menu in response to the public outrage over the unhealthiness of their menus. This is especially true with the kid’s menus which typically now have fresh fruit and white milk options along with French fries or sodas, so you can pick something healthier. For the adults, there’s typically more salads on the menu along with roasted chicken and beef options, light dressings and about ¼ salad’s worth healthier greens along with your typical iceberg lettuce greens. Pizza’s and subs often have a variety of vegetable options as well.


However, most fast food restaurants:


  • Still don’t source their healthy foods from local growers who use ethical growing practices to produce their foods;
  • Are still dirty, smelly, sticky and poorly designed restaurants,
  • Are lacking in mobile integration,
  • Hire staff with poor customer service skills,
  • Care nothing about cross-contamination and other issues for people who choose to follow a certain diet because of personal reasons or allergies, and
  • Still don’t offer very healthy or nutrient rich foods overall.


For the most part, though an iceberg lettuce salad is healthier than a burger, the ideal is for a salad to also have many superfood veggies in the recipe like radishes, romaine lettuce, fruits, dark leafy greens, mushrooms and peppers.


Enter Sweetgreen


Sweetgreen is a casual dining/fast food restaurant founded by Geogetown University grads Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. Sweetgreen offers an amazing and healthy salad menu that critics are raving about. In addition, it features absolutely everything that typical fast food restaurants lack.



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