Mike Baur is proud of the Swiss Start-Up Factory

Start-ups are a vital part of any economy. Large corporations provide thousands of people with jobs each year, but they are often very hesitant to try new things. The unwillingness to try new things can make it very difficult for new ideas to reach the marketplace. Fortunately, the right start-ups can bring innovation to homes everywhere. Over the last twenty years, major start-ups have brought great ideas to the marketplace. Facebook, Amazon, eBay, and Uber have all totally changed the marketplace. Mike Baur is an extremely influential businessman from Switzerland. He has helped numerous companies reach their full potential, and recently he noticed a major problem with the Swiss economy.


The European economy as a whole has been on the downslide for several years, and Mike wants to prevent the Swiss economy from going downhill as well, and he thought he had a solution. Mike noticed that every vibrant economy in the world had a large number of start-ups and he wanted to bring that start-up culture to Switzerland. He recently launched the Swiss Start-up Factory to help start-ups throughout Switzerland reach their full potential. The start-up factory is meant to be a factory for brand new companies, so the Swiss economy can start running at full speed.


The Swiss Start-up Factory is a truly unique incubation program. Mike Baur and his team comb through their applicants in search of companies that have the potential to change the economy. The best companies are invited to the Factory for the incubation program.

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The Start-Up Factory incubation program lasts three months. During these three months, the young companies have access to the best possible office space and everything they need to run their company. The Factory also provides each company with quality mentoring and other business services, so that companies that graduate from the program are able to thrive in the marketplace. Mike Baur also considered the power of networking when he founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory, so he located his incubation program in Zurich. Zurich is one of the most powerful cities in the business world, and it is an ideal place for young businesses to make connections. The Swiss Start-Up Factory is an ideal incubation program.

Mike Baur cares deeply about the Swiss economy, and he feels that the Swiss Start-Up Factory will help bring new ideas into the marketplace. He hopes to keep running the program for years to come.


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