Meet Richard Blair – Founder of Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair, an independent financial advisor, founded Wealth Solutions in order to provide quality investment advice to his clients and to help them reach their financial goals and plan for a successful retirement. He has a natural attraction to the field of finance and has had success with it from the very beginning of his career. After graduating from the University of Houston in 1993, with a Bachelor’s Degree in finance, Richard entered the financial services industry. In 1994 he opened Wealth Solutions, in order to provide unbiased, quality advice to his clients.

According to Crunchbase, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is located in Austin, Texas and has been actively helping people in the community to set solid financial goals and the plans to reach them. Richard uses a three-pillar plan to help his customers. The first pillar involves getting to know his client and his client’s financial objectives. He wants to understand their past investment experience, their risk tolerance and their short and long term goals. Once he does this, he can build a path to help them achieve their objectives.

The second step is to design an effective strategy to meet liquidity needs and long term goals. He sets plans for taking advantage of strong markets, while minimizing his client’s exposure to down cycles in the market. Market performance is actively tracked so that changes can be made when objectives change or the markets change. Strategies are used for locking in and protecting gains when possible.

The third pillar involves reviewing insurance needs and upgrading where necessary. Making sure his clients have adequate coverage allow them to make investments with confidence, knowing that even in the event of death, their families will be protected. He offers life insurance, long-term care and annuities to help facilitate this process.

Over the years, Richard has honed his understanding and experience of retirement planning and helps his clients bridge the gap between preparing for retirement and actually retiring. His strategy helps them avoid many of the pitfalls along the way that others have fallen into.

Richard is a Certified Annuity Specialist, a Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, and Certified Fund Specialist, a tax specialist and a Certified Income Specialist. He stays abreast of the developments in the marketplace and the new opportunities available for retirement planning. He uses his over 20 years’ experience in the industry to guide his clients to successful outcomes with a well-planned strategy.

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