Stem Cell Therapy Is Changing Lung Disease Treatments

A Radical New Medicine

The Lung Institute’s hard work over the years has finally paid off. Stem cell therapy, once regarded as a pipe dream, is now available for those suffering from chronic lung illnesses. Currently, the medical paradigm has provided unsatisfactory treatments for many chronic lung diseases. Patients are simply not able to live with an acceptable quality of life. Adult stem cell therapy is changing all of this and blazing a new trail. In their wake the world of medicine is changing into something entirely new.

Stem Cells In Action

According to, the adult stem cell therapy the Lung Institute is using is an almost entirely natural process. The stem cells used are extracted from the blood of the patient and later injected into the site of interest. Over the course of a specified time period doctors observe the effects of the stem cells in order to understand the trajectory of the treatment. There is no need for doctors to continue any work on the patient because the stem cells activate a natural process. Additionally, these effects tend to have long lasting effects on the outcome of the disease.

A Case Study In Pulmonary Fibrosis

One of the best ways to understand the work of the Lung Institute is to observe the effects this therapy has had on pulmonary fibrosis patients. Joseph O., a patient of the Lung Institute, had spent much of his life dealing with the pain and debilitation of pulmonary fibrosis. He had a constant need of oxygen and couldn’t even perform basic tasks for himself such as walking upstairs. Thanks to the adult stem cell therapy John is receiving he is now able to live life with greater function. He no longer needs the assistance of oxygen tanks and he is able to live life unshackled from his disease. Stories like his aren’t flukes or strange exceptions. He is simply an example of what stem cells can do for those in need. There patients with asthma, COPD, and other debilitating disorders who give testimonies saying the same things John does.

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