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The Internet of Things is a reference to the connected tech that allows different and varying devices to sync and link up with one another. Devices like refrigerators, street lights, lights in your home and even your heating system can all be interconnected and share data. This, in effect, is the internet of things.

Jason Hope is a propeller and a proponent in the Internet of Things. As an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and commentator on the latest tech trends he’s pushing for more inter-connectivity with each passing day. Jason Hope has explained that the Internet of Things has the ability to completely change the way that businesses and people operate in day to day life. Hope points out expertly that shifting ideas toward interconnected technology will no doubt be the single largest advancement in the tech industry for years to come.

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Smart technology is a convenient option for end users now; turn down your thermostat from your vacation home, shut off your garage lights from an airport bar, but in the future Hope sees, it’s more than just that. As larger corporations in the global economy begin to embrace the technological advances offered by the Internet of Things, it will become more important that businesses focus on interconnection. Hope predicts that this will fuel a world in which almost all conceivable devices are able to connect with each other. No doubt The race to the top will be based on utility for consumers, and Hope expects that this competition will be quite fierce over the next few years.

One of the biggest advantages of looking toward smart technology and the Internet of Things for the population as a whole is that it has the ability to eliminate waste and make our daily lives safer and more efficient. Hope explains that public transportation has enjoyed significant improvements thanks to the Internet of Things. These include better monitoring of maintenance issues for trains and the real-time mapping of public bus routes to avoid dangerous conditions on the road, Google Maps relaying traffic data is a prime example of this technology.

As we as a society push forward on the Internet of Things, we’ll only be a few short years away before our world is completely connected, thanks to people like Jason Hope.

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