Chris Burch innovates fashion and technology

It seems that loads of people nowadays are paying attention to fashion mainly, because of the wide-spread reach of fashion oriented television programming. This is also true when it comes to the community’s latest curiosity with technology. These are two fields of trade that have now been creatively merged to create an interlaced, technologically fashionable trend.


This interest with wearing technology might have started to bloom in the 1970’s, when a product known as the “boom box” hit the market. This breakthrough permitted individuals to display their music interest to anyone within range of the speakers. Scarcely ten years later, with the help of film and television advertising the item, sales skyrocketed as more of the community were made aware of the technology due to this type of advertising. As the years went on, a more transportable version could be purchased, lighter in weight and smaller in size. This version of the “box” allowed the owner to take pleasure in their music selections in private, simply by the insertion of headphones, or tiny speakers. In time, the invention was produced as a digital version without the need for moving parts, concealable within one’s hand and manufactured in a range of stylish color schemes and patterns.


Fashion also, has transformed to develop, becoming technologically friendly in its presentation and how its manufactured. Nowadays, garments are sometimes 3D printed and spread-out to be displayed in a diversity of styles. An additional and captivating blend of equipment and wearable fashion is by employing an air bag arrangement that is hidden within defensive neck-wear. The purpose of this design is to stop cyclists from causing injury to their necks from such situations as a fall or other impact while on their cycle. There are also gloves to help firefighters to communicate with each other by using hand movements to communicate prerecorded information.



Burch Creative Capital’s founder, Christopher Burch, who also heads the company as the CEO, is a greatly respected industrialist. For several decades Christopher has seen fit to have personal involvement in the accomplishment of well over 50 industry ventures.

Christopher’s brand is distinguished for developing an assortment of technological devices that are in great demand by customers world-wide. He has about a 40 year record as a shareholder in technical inventions and has great knowledge of the activities of customers with world-wide resources for developing new devices.

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