Andrea McWilliams work and her participation in community development

Andrea McWilliams has nationally known for her ability to combine patience with persuasion and grace with grit that has enabled her to become a skilled political fundraiser and Lobbyist. She is also known for applying a unique expertise when faced with a certain issue and paying meticulous attention to detail. Through this, it is easy for her not to make any careless make that would later harm her career. As a successful individual, especially a woman, it is important to be always cautious of everything you do as not everybody wishes you well as some want you to fall. Andre has been able to draw her time in the public and private sectors handling both areas with no fear.

Andrea McWilliams has set a track record for her passion in providing tireless force to all her customers. She has the ability to attain legislative results during extreme adversity that has been linked to many people similar to Lazarus biblical resurrection. A good example of what she can do was evident when she was able to save three billion dollars cancer research package in 2007. Many national media such as CNN, Newsweek, NPR, USA Today among others have acknowledged the good work Andrea is always doing.

Apart from politics and fundraising activities, McWilliams is a woman dedicated to her family and community. She is a wife to Dean and a mother of three children, and she is always committed to put her family first. Concerning her community, Andrea is well known for her philanthropist works. She has worked in various nonprofits groups such as KillCancer and The Susan g. Komen breast cancer Foundation which is aimed at preventing cancer. She is also an active supporter of arts as she an inaugural member of Long Centre’s Notable Women. She believes that through her involvement in her community she will be in a position of helping and motivating a young girl somewhere to aim for the sky.

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