Lime Crime Adds New Shade To Its Velvetine Line

Lime Crime is known as the innovative makeup company for truly daring people. It encourages its clientele to use their products to reveal who they really are, in the most colorful manner possible. Their high-quality products make it easy for anyone to get the flawless and bold look they want every day. They are well known to their millions of social media followers who are currently very excited about the release of the company’s newest addition to the Velvetine line.


Scandal is the latest concept brought to life by company CEO Doe Deere. The Velvetine line is luxurious purple-hued lipsticks that now includes the deep plum shade named Scandal. The line is a liquid lipstick that dries to a matte finish for a perfect, lasting look. Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere, recommends the brand to anyone that wants an edgy and rebellious look. She suggests pairing it with a black lip liner for the most dramatic effect possible.

The company advises all users to use their lipstick about 15 minutes after applying lip balm for a creamy, smooth and lasting look. Applying the lipstick with a lip brush along the edges will keep the product in place and clearly defined. Once the product is dry it will remain all day and not smudge or smear like many other brands. It removes easily with makeup remover at the end of the day or when adjusting the look during the day.

Lime Crime Adds ‘Scandal’ to Velvetine Lipstick LineĀ 

Scandal is not only beautiful, it is also 100 percent vegan and is certified cruelty-free like all products created and distributed by Lime Crime. All ingredients used in every product are listed on their website for customers to review before purchase. Their website, social media pages and blogs offer many tips and tutorials to help new customers learn how to make the most of their vibrant, exciting products.

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