Can Sawyer Howitt Make Racquetball A Mainstream U.S. Sport?

Like soccer, racquetball is not a sport that many Americans follow. However, many believe it is an up and coming sport. Racquetball is a high energy, fast moving sport for which players need to develop great hand-eye coordination. One of the up and coming racquetball stars is Sawyer Howitt who honed his skills while attending high school in Oregon. Sawyer, who is the son of the well known Meriwether Group founder David Howitt, is considered to be one of the sports stars that could bring racquetball into the U.S. mainstream.

Sawyer Howitt now plays at the exclusive Racquet Club in Portland, Oregon. The club was started in 1945 and strives to maintain a family oriented atmosphere while offering professional facilities for tennis and racquetball players.


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