Jason Hope – A Futurist Who Firmly Believes In The Power Of “Internet Of Things” Technology

Jason Hope is a firm believer in the power of technology and as per his view; the Internet of Things is the next big thing to the hit the world of technology. The Internet of Thing is a kind of technology which would connect different appliances and devices and share the same network, which in essence, would help in sharing data efficiently and in real-time.

It would help with increasing the efficiency and reduce the waste. These devices could be anything, starting from street lights to the fan in your home and from the air conditioner to your car, and more. The Internet of Things is a technology, as per Jason Hope, that opens the door to numerous possibilities, and in the years to come, it would quickly take over the smart technology used widely by people today.

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While giving an example of how Internet of Things could help, Jason Hope said that it could assist the public transportation sector by helping people know about when the next bus or train would be available and their location in real time. The Internet of Things would provide with real-time data about the public transportation, and it would encourage people to stop using private cars, and public conveyance more. In a way, it would also help with saving the environment from unnecessary pollution as well.

Jason Hope is a futurist and has faith in the power of technology to change the way we live today. As a philanthropist, he donates generously to SENS Research Foundation that works on anti-aging and helps with enhancing the lifespan of a human being.

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