Monthly Archives: May 2017

How Securus Technologies Helps Law Enforcement Keep People Safe

Securus Technologies is a company headquartered in Dallas, Texas which provides technological solutions to people in the correctional facility industry as well as law enforcement agencies. Their technological tools are used to prevent and solve crimes as well as keep the public safe. They are the leading provider of technology to these industries in both…

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Wessex Institute Of Technology Hosts Some Of The Finest Conferences In The World

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a graduate level institute in the UK focused on science and technology. This institute, founded in 1981, has its main campus in the south of England near New Forest National Park.In addition to teaching students and publishing scientific texts, WIT is well-known around the world for its international…

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Jason Hope Predicts Internet of Things will Lead to Radical Changes

Internet entrepreneur Jason Hope has recently taken to the internet to talk about coming technologies of The Internet of Things. Hope believes this new group of technologies will create revolutionary opportunities in almost every field of human endeavor. As a futurist an avid reader of the technical literature,┬áJason Hope is more excited than ever about…

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