Jason Hope Predicts Internet of Things will Lead to Radical Changes

Internet entrepreneur Jason Hope has recently taken to the internet to talk about coming technologies of The Internet of Things. Hope believes this new group of technologies will create revolutionary opportunities in almost every field of human endeavor. As a futurist an avid reader of the technical literature, Jason Hope is more excited than ever about the new possibilities that will be unleashed by this exciting new technology.

One of the areas in which Hope predicts the internet of things will radically transform people’s everyday lives is through what he predicts will be the total automation of the shopping process. While many people view such a futuristic concept as something that might be better left in the pages of science fiction novels, Hope points out that many of the technologies needed to completely automate all shopping already exists.

Hope points out that Amazon.com’s many warehouses throughout the United States extensively utilize automated warehousing technology. Hope points out that, while, currently, the robotics necessary to create such sophisticated machinery only within reach of the nation’s largest, most successful corporations, like all other things technological, the cost of this machinery will drop dramatically in the coming years. Hope says that the tasks Amazon’s automated warehouse robotics carry out on a daily basis are precisely the same types of things needed to automatically stock shelves and to automatically fulfill orders within grocery stores.

Hope says it’s only a matter of time before these technologies are successfully adopted to grocery stores throughout the United States. People simply phone in orders then pick them up 15 minutes later at the side of the curb and learn more about Jason.

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