Wessex Institute Of Technology Hosts Some Of The Finest Conferences In The World

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) is a graduate level institute in the UK focused on science and technology. This institute, founded in 1981, has its main campus in the south of England near New Forest National Park.In addition to teaching students and publishing scientific texts, WIT is well-known around the world for its international conference series. Respected academics, engineers, and scientists all meet to exchange ideas at these events every year. Most of these conferences are held in Europe and there’s usually a total of 21 conferences each year.

Just a few of the conference topics slated to appear this year include disaster management, materials characterization, and sustainable development and planning. Most of the conferences in 2017 will be held in Spain, but there will also be a few in Italy, the UK, the Czech Republic, and Estonia. For those who cannot attend these conferences, Wessex Institute of Technology Press transcribes and publishes all the conference speeches and papers shortly after they finish.


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