How Securus Technologies Helps Law Enforcement Keep People Safe

Securus Technologies is a company headquartered in Dallas, Texas which provides technological solutions to people in the correctional facility industry as well as law enforcement agencies. Their technological tools are used to prevent and solve crimes as well as keep the public safe. They are the leading provider of technology to these industries in both the United States and Canada.

Before September 2004 there were two leaders in this field, T-Netix and Evercom. The two companies merged and the resulting company was named Securus Technologies. They have since acquired a number of other companies in the industry including Syscon Justice Systems in 2007 which was an international firm that offered Offender Management Systems.

Among the technology that Securus Technologies offers their clients is telephone monitoring. This monitoring is used for such things as detecting contraband entering a prison such as cell phones, drugs, and alcohol. The monitoring has also uncovered a number of crimes committed by prison inmates as well as the people they have talked to over monitored calls. Further helping to end prisoners make use of contraband cell phones, Securus Technologies recently introduced a technology which prevents these phones from being able to even connect to cellular networks which make them of no use to the prisoners illicitly using them.

Rick Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, a role he took on when he joined the company in June 2008. He has spent heavily over the last few years improving the company. He also solicits the feedback of the company’s clients. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with people describing how Securus Technologies tools are used to keep the public safe by preventing and solving crimes. One letter even described how the tools led to catching a prison employee who was corrupted and bringing in contraband for prisoner use.



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