Tempus: A Company That is Changing the Cancer Treatment Landscape

Tempus is a company that is working diligently on changing the outcomes of people diagnosed with cancer. Specifically, this forward thinking company founded by Eric Lefkofsky is using genomic data to help physicians identify the the best treatment options on a personalized basis. The bottom line is simple: not all cancers act the same. The disease mutates and changes based on a number of factors in the human body. Studying these changes at a molecular level can help doctors pinpoint better treatment options, therefore can help to prevent and cure this insidious disease. That is the goal of Tempus.

By partnering with major hospital systems such as the Mayo Clinic as well as the University of Michigan and Northwestern’s Lurie Cancer Center, Tempus is actively working with doctors and other health professionals to personalize each patient’s treatment plan. Cancer is certainly not a “one size fits all” disease, and it stands to reason that what works for one patient doesn’t necessarily work for another. There are so many factors that are part of the disease process and it is important to find out how each factor affects the disease process as well as the treatment process and what Eric knows.

As co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Lefkofsky and his team are working aggressively to give doctors and other healthcare professionals the tools to become more effective. This means that doctors will be able to ascertain very quickly whether a particular treatment plan is actually the best option or not. And due to the fact that some cancers move very quickly and also escape detection for long periods of time, this technology and research could mean the difference between life and death. Medical science and cancer treatments continue to evolve and Tempus is at the forefront of the much needed technology that patients today need.

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