How Adam Milstein Made a Bold Move in Venturing into the Real Estate Industry

Adam Milstein is a Jewish-American who does all within his power to bring together the Jews living in the United States. Adam Milstein is a seasoned real estate entrepreneur and philanthropist. Ideamensch featured the Hager Pacific Properties managing partner on its publication on December 9, 2016.


The Ideamensch’s Interview

Adam Milstein relocated to the United States for two main reasons- to further his studies and to search for greener pastures. When in he was nearing the completion of his MBA at the University of Southern California; the young Israeli started looking for potential employers. He was, however, greeted by a rude shock for his efforts were proving to be futile. Adam told Ideamensch that the few companies that were ready to hire him were all offering a salary way below his level. It was after successive frustrations that Adam abandoned his job-seeking mission and opted to start offering brokerage expertise to customers in the real estate arena. That was the beginning of his exciting and successful investment career in the industry and learn more about Adam.


Bad jobs do not exist in Adam’s career path. He told Ideamensch that the fact that he is a hard worker makes him slide into any role perfectly well. Given an opportunity to start his life afresh, he would not change a thing about it, for according to him, he has made the best choices all along and more information click here.


Ideamensch sought to know from him the entrepreneurial strategies and routine that he has used so as to succeed, and which he can share with others. His answer was that it is through being persistent and consistent that he has made it that far. His advice to upcoming entrepreneurs was that as much as one has a team of professionals, it is risky not to understand the day-to-day running of the business. He said that a real entrepreneur strives to understand all problems within the office to be part of the solution and Adam on Facebook.


About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an active board member of several Jewish organizations. He was one of the founding members of National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council where he acts as chairman. Other organizations that Adam is affiliated with include AIPAC National Council, the Israel on Campus Coalition, and the Board of Birthright Israel, which is based in Los Angeles

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