Cotemar – Highly Specialized Ancillary and Support Services Provider for Oil and Gas Industry

Established in 1979, Cotemar is a leading firm that is proudly hundred percent Mexican as it likes to call itself. The company excels in providing ancillary and support services to the oil and gas drilling industry and is an exclusive service provider to the leading oil and gas firm named Petronas.

Over the years, the company has expanded and evolved its services significantly and uses the highest standards regarding safety, infrastructure development, customer support, and has a massive fleet of advanced support vessels to ensure clients get the best and the most reliable services in the industry. Some of the services offered by Cotemar include catering and lodging, transporting personnel to and from the offshore oil drilling site, maritime infrastructure development, and more. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

The company also offers constant support for oil drilling rigs and also have specialized vessels to take care of emergencies such as fire breakout and medical aid. The services provided by Cotemar ensure that the offshore oil drilling facilities continue to function smoothly and can focus on their core job while leaving the rest of their worries to Cotemar.

As a premier offshore oil services corporation, the company has evolved in the last few years, which is primarily due to its focus on research and development and the integration of the modern technology to its business and operational machinery.

The company maintains a very high standard of services, and it can be seen in the fact that Cotemar doesn’t outsource its recruiting jobs, but actually, have its human resource department that selects the best talent in the industry based on the set criteria the company follows stringently.

It is what has helped the Cotemar to consistently deliver the best of services to its clients. PEMEX is one of the leading oil and Gas Company based in Mexico, who is also one of the biggest clients of Cotemar.

Cotemar takes care of the entire maintenance of the oil drilling rigs of PEMEX and has helped in ensuring that the safety parameters are checked regularly to avoid any mishap. Cotemar has a highly specialized team of experts who ensure that the clients get the best of services at all times.

Cotemar has a dedicated customer support services as well that is attentive and responsive, and addresses to the clients’ need and grievances with priority. It is the highest standards that the company has maintain in the oil and gas sector that the company has been able to grow and expand without any hiccups in over 38 years of its existence.

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