Mr. David McDonald And OSI Group

Mr. David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group. The company has branches in the US, China, and Europe. In that case, it is well positioned in the global network. OSI Group also has local management teams, which are very understanding and sensitive to the local tastes and cultures. The power of global efficiency and scale can only be achieved along with the local solutions. For that reason, OSI Group has become a global leader in the business of supplying value-added protein items such as beef patties and sausages. OSI Group also supplies food items such as pizza and sandwiches to leading retail food brands.

Mr. David McDonald has more than 20 years with OSI Group, and he has witnessed tremendous growth in the company. He is currently working very smart to bring the sustainability of the organization to the table. Mr. David understands very well that the constant desire to improve and grow is the cornerstone of the organization’s culture. As the President of the OSI Group, Mr. David ensured that the organization grew by forming many formal partnerships. Moreover, the partners of OSI Group comprehend the business network and culture of their respective geographical areas.

According to Mr. David McDonald OSI Group, risk taking is encouraged at OSI Group. It is through risks that OSI Group will recognize its mistakes and failures. From the risks, OSI can learn how to be innovative and make improvements in its food processing methods. Also, risks provide the management teams of OSI with an important learning opportunity. Additionally, McDonald always ensures that OSI views customers like family.

Therefore, the products that are produced by OSI group should be good enough to serve different families proudly. Food safety and quality are the key factors that drive the food production process of OSI Group.

Mr. David McDonald earned his Degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. His love for Animal Science landed him in the business of food and meat processing. Mr. David also served as the PM (Project Manager) of OSI Group.

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