End Citizens United: Raising Funds Through Different Means

Bringing back the power to the hands of the ordinary people is the primary objective of End Citizens United, an organization that was established in March 1, 2015 to counter another organization call Citizens United which have changed the way elections work in the United States. Back in 2010, a controversial ruling from the Supreme Court between Citizens United and the Federal Electoral Council have stated that corporations and other similar entities are considered to be individuals, which has support any candidate that they want through financial or any other means possible. End Citizens United believes that this landmark ruling by the Supreme Court would later be abused by wealthy billionaires who will use their money, influence and power to meddle with the election. They also added that it will be granting billionaires a right not to disclose any information about the amount that they donated to a particular politician, which will greatly affect the government’s transparency. They have been arguing that the electoral system which the United States has been using for years transformed into a corrupted system that needs to be stopped.



The organization managed to gain the support of the public, and today, it is solely being funded by donors who are coming from different social classes. All of them believe in the cause that End Citizens United is fighting for, and they wanted the government to hear out their frustration about the corruption that is going on with the system. They wanted to send a clear message that the public won’t stop until change has been done. Even if this battle looked similar to a David fighting Goliath, End Citizens United keep their hopes up that they will be able to attain their goal to restore the integrity that the United States elections once had. They are expecting that their mission will be able to address the following concerns: pro-reform candidates being elected, bribery and mishandled campaign funds being addressed nationally, and using the organization to put pressure to politicians.



Their mission also needs funding, so End Citizens United is working hard in order to reach their target amount. They have been asking for donations around the world from volunteers to concerned Americans, so that they could push their objectives for change to happen. Earlier this year, the group has already raised $4 million, and experts say that with this rate, the group could collect at least $35 million by 2018, when the midterm elections for congress will take place. It will easily beat their previously raised $25 million for the US Presidential Elections, showing that when people have the same mind set and goal, raising a fund for an organization will just be a walk in the park.




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