The People Behind InnovaCare Health

People are supposed to have health insurance to prevent illness. Numerous sources confirm that effective health insurance actually provides patients with preventative programs that focus on both defining and detecting all the numerous risk factors. The fact is that while everyone wants to be healthy, no one wants to give up anything in order to recover their good health once they actually become ill.

InnovaCare Team Leaders

The InnovaCare Health company offers people various physician practice services and Medicare Advantage plans. Leading the InnovaCare Team are Rick Shinto, chief executive officer (CEO) and Penelope Kokkinides chief administrative officer and chief operating officer (CAO and COO). Their current goal is to improve both the healthcare and the insurance industry.

Penelope Kokkinides

Before signing on with InnovaCare as CAO and COO, Kokkinides worked for Touchstone and Aveta HMO as the COO. She has been praised for her ideas on the growth and development of more organized and intricate healthcare system models. Penelope Kokkinides dreams of making the healthcare business more of a basic needs service as opposed to being a financial luxury.

Rick Shinto

Experienced physician Rick Shinto is presently serving as the chief executive officer of Innovacare. Prior to working for InnovaCare Health, he was employed as the chief executive officer for other companies including Aveta, Inc., Medicare Choice, Inc., and MMM Healthcare. Shinto has racked up over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry.Shinto is now working towards the goal of making all health care services available to everyone in the United States. He is also furthering work relationships with a number of different companies that provide healthcare services in the hopes of expanding current insurance plans and ensuring that citizens are provided with the very best treatment. This has garnered him such formal honors as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year in the Service category. Both he and Kokkinides admit that they still have quite a lot of work left to do in order to meet the goal of making their employer, InnovaCare Health, a successful and popular company.

Today’s Insurance Plans

The demand for personal health care services is increasing. The demand has increased the price tag placed on recurrent diseases and conditions to the point where many individuals can afford them. There is quite a variety of health insurance plans that provide Americans with premium and basic coverage.

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