To Violate

To violate the needs of one sole individual is to violate the very fundamentals of human rights, which is why Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin of Frontera Fund work so diligently. Their fund hopes to never let this happen. It hopes to ensure continued success for all humans year round.

Many political leaders, whether they realize it or not, have violated many individuals’ rights. These, in turn, have swiftly protested – some to success and others to no avail. Nonetheless, one must fight for his rights, regardless of the outcome; to do so is to spread awareness, all of which will be attended to sooner or later.

You have heard the saying, and it is one of the most true out there: What goes around indeed comes around. In the world of political advantage, the same holds true. Evil leaders have come and gone throughout the many generations, stepping on the human rights of many, but they have still be defeated or removed in a timely manner. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

The same promises to hold true for the evil Venezuelan dictator, Nicolas Maduro, a man who has destroyed Venezuela and its every surrounding region: He is soon to pay for every wrong act that he has committed, not to mention all the consequences that his evil heart has caused in doing so.

What goes around, my friend, comes around, and it’s coming around quite beautifully this time as a change is set to happen sooner than expected; as not expected by any, this last month was an amazing one for the people of that country.

First of all, more than seven million signed petitions from within Venezuela – and another million from countries outside of it, collectively – have just showed up on Maduro’s doorstep, and all of them want him out of office. The people have spoken, Maduro, and it is time for you to pack your bags and never again violate an individual’s basic rights the way you have, taking one’s very ability to live.

You have taken the food and drink away from the country, not to mention its very oil reserves. You have only added violence and communist tyranny in return, and the people never asked for this: You are about to leave soon, one way or another as U.S. President Donald J. Trump has just warned you himself. Read more: Michael Larcey | Twitter

President Trump told Maduro that he has about one week to fix the situation or get out of the country for good – before an intervention occurs, one which has not been seen or done before in all of Venezuelan history.

If communist Maduro does not comply and react promptly, there will be consequences; Venezuelans from all over the world have voiced their protest on July 16, and they are not alone.

The world is now aware of this severe, modern case of human rights violation and political power abuse, and it will no longer stand. This is just one example of a victory among our global fight for liberty.

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