Sheldon Lavin: Creating a Global Food Empire

Sheldon Lavin is the current chairman and chief executive officer of the OSI Group, LLC. Under his leadership, the OSI Group has become the world’s largest supplier of protein products including meat and sausages, food services, and even retail brands. He began working in the food industry 40 years ago, and because of his skills in leadership, the OSI Group has grown exponentially, and it became a globally renowned corporation which operates in more than 17 countries worldwide.

Initially working as a bank executive and an investor, Sheldon Lavin did not expect himself working for the food industry. He was also too busy with his financial consulting firm, and working in another industry is not his priority. However, one day when he was younger, he felt something inside his head that challenged him to get out of his comfort zone and enter an unfamiliar world. He likes being challenged, so he left the financial industry and worked on the food industry instead.

The company where Sheldon Lavin worked was still named as Otto & Sons back in the 1970s, and this company will soon become the OSI Group in the future. He first met the owners of Otto & Sons when they were frequenting his financial consulting firm for inquiries regarding their services. Otto & Sons was just a small company back then, and McDonald’s have chosen them to be the fast food chain’s supplier of burger patties. Because of the extensive work that has to be done, Otto & Sons need more financing so they ran into Sheldon Lavin’s financial consulting firm and asked for assistance. A condition has been set up by the banks which would lend them the money that in order for the funds to be released, Sheldon Lavin must be given an ownership position within Otto & Sons. Sheldon Lavin declined the bank’s offer, but after it was amended and agreed upon by the owners of Otto & Sons, he soon accepted it. Based on the new offer, he will be given the same degree of financial investment similar to the ones owned by the Otto family once he becomes a partner.

After the deal has been signed, Sheldon Lavin started working indirectly with the new company he’s in, but as time goes by, he became more hands on with what is happening in the company. The Otto family patriarch then decided to resign and appointed his son as the company’s new chairman, but they too sold their remaining stakes of the company to Sheldon Lavin because they wanted to retire. The ownership of Otto & Sons transferred from the Otto family to Sheldon Lavin, and he promised them that he will do everything that he can to make the company stronger and better.

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