Glen Wakeman Inspires and Teaches Executives and Business

  1. Glen Wakeman created the SAAS company of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC only two years ago in 2015. The company, however, has grown and expanded well and is on the road to success.
  2. Glen Wakeman is operating as the chief executive officer of the LaunchPad Holdings (Facebook). Glen Wakeman has had a very successful business career. He has worked at companies such as GE Capital, and he has also founded the company of Nova Four. He has occupied leadership positions such as Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief executive officer.
  3. Glen Wakeman is established in more than the community of business executives. He is also a proficient mentor. He has been recognized on a multitude of occasions for his talents at growing companies including large business. He has transformed businesses which have billions in assets and nearly twenty thousand employees. Mr. Glen Wakeman is capable of governing and expending massive companies. That kind of work involves analytical thinking, business proficiency, risk management, and financial skills. Mr. Glen Wakeman also mentors individuals such as C- level executives. At the moment, Mr. Glen Wakeman is a mentor of two businesses – Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.

As an investor and business executive, Mr. Glen Wakeman has dedicated himself to sharing insight on emerging markets, financial strategies, international fiscal matters, and more. He writes articles and regularly publishes them on his blog. Mr. Glen Wakeman has the goal of helping educate young investors and teaching his audience as much as possible. He often shares his personal tips an gives an opinion on fiscal matters.

  1. Glen Wakeman received his education from the University of Scranton. He graduated with a bachelor’s in Economics and Finance. After that, he proceeded to an M. B. A. in Finance which he earned from the University of Chicago. Once he had completed his higher education in Finance, Mr. Glen Wakeman moved on to establishing his career.

As a writer and mentor, Mr. Glen Wakeman has been able to teach and inspire both rising business people and already established experts and companies.

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