Dr. Chris Villanueva: Becoming an Industry Disruptor

When Dr. Chris Villanueva first started MB2 Dental, he knew that he was going to be able to disrupt an entire market. While he liked the field of dentistry, he did not understand why more dentists were not working together to accomplish things. The way that he changed the market and made it better for different people was by making sure that he could help others out with the issues that they were having in their own practices. He was committed to making sure that things would get better for MB2 Dental and that is what has set it apart.

One of the first things that Dr. Chris Villanueva did when he was starting MB2 Dental was made sure that he was open with other dentists. He wanted to create an environment of fellowship so that they could all work together without having to worry about competition. This is what would eventually turn into the network that him and many other dentists are now a part of. It has made a difference in the Texas dental market and has allowed Dr. Chris Villanueva to continue helping more patients because of how he can help other people.https://www.crunchbase.com/person/chris-steven-villanueva

Another aspect of the network is that the dentists need to be sure that they are relaxing and taking the time to rejuvenate themselves. When the network of dentists need to make sure that they are rejuvenating, they go on retreats together. They can meet up with other dentists and learn more about what makes their practices better. They can also take this time to relax and have fun with trips like whitewater rafting. Dr. Chris Villanueva plans the majority of these things so that people will know what they are getting into and so that people can enjoy the options that they have.

While Dr. Chris Villanueva is doing all of this, he is always making sure to keep his practice the best that it can be. He takes an approach of youthful enthusiasm into the world of dentistry and that is exactly what has allowed him to continue doing things that would normally be difficult for people to try and do. Dr. Chris Villanueva is committed to making sure that he can help people have the options that they need and have the experiences that will allow them the best dental treatment possible. He knows that his practice is great because of the fellowship that he has with other dentists.

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