Who is Eric Pulier?

Eric Pulier was born from a humble family in New Jersey, United States. From a young age, he was a lover of technology and studied computer programming very early in life. After his high school education, Pulier joined the Harvard University for further studies. Here, he studied science and literature and graduated in the year 1988. He then moved his home town and in1991 he started his own company called the People Doing Things. His aim was to help the local community solve issues around education and health care using technology. He also went ahead to start other companies in media and virtual computing. His love for science and technology was enormous.

Today Eric Pulier is successful entrepreneur who has achieved so much in life. He has started many companies that have seen him grow his wealth substantially. However, one thing has remained constant, the love of technology. All his companies have been in the line of technology. His latest startup is the vAtomic systems company. His aim is to integrate both the physical and the digital world. His intention to use technology to solve the needs of the society. Eric Pulier sets a good example that should be followed by the humanity in adopting new ways of doing things, not the traditional way. It is only through these means that our society can achieve the changes we relish to learn more about us: http://www.thecrimson.com/writer/710/Eric__Pulier/ click here.

Eric Pulier has been able to achieve his success without non-legal or illegitimate ways like some capitalists do. Eric has built his empire from scratch to the level he is today. Applying both his educational skills and mentorship skills from his seniors in the industry, he has single handily shaped the way technology is to be applied going into the future.

Eric does not stop here he goes ahead to invest returns from his companies in helping society. He believes in empowering the underprivileged and who have innovative ideas. He finances and mentors upcoming entrepreneurs so they can set up competitive businesses. His effect is also felt in community work. He spends huge amounts of his money towards financing charitable groups.

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