The Inspiring Story of Mike Baur

Some people are lucky enough to break into the workforce with shining expectations. Mike Baur worked in the banking industry for over 20 years. Every step of the way, people predicted that his life would be filled with accommodations and compensation; and it was, but he didn’t stay in banking.

His career began at Union Bank of Switzerland. From day one, his hiring manager explained every step he would need to take to reach the top. While Baur showed extreme promise, he never felt that banking was meant to be his lifelong path. His path included numerous banking institutions and some companies of his own.

His career with UBS lasted nearly 20 years. He earned numerous promotions, including their most prestigious advisory position. He began advising some of the country’s wealthiest individuals and top investors. It came as a huge surprise when he left UBS is 2008.

He then took a job at Clariden Leu. Hoping to find his passion for banking again, he worked his way up Clariden’s corporate ladder. As the years went by, he lost more interest in professional banking; too much time spent dealing with red tape. Eventually, he left Clariden Leu as well.

His disenchantment with banking was caused by his want to help young entrepreneurs. In 2014, he met up with Max Meister, who also wanted the same thing. That same year, they co-founded Swiss Startup Factory. Their incubator program provides mentoring and training to selected tech entrepreneurs.

SSUF is the first company of its kind. If an entrepreneur has a promising idea, SSUF will also provide financial aid and give them rent-free office space in Switzerland’s largest city. Entrepreneurs get one-on-one training in all sorts of categories, including market products and services globally. SSUF believes in giving every entrepreneur the tools they need to succeed.

In an interview with Baur, who’s become the face of the company, he explained why they called the company a factory. Factories usually bring to mind hardworking and efficient professionals. Factories are also associated with building things at a quick pace thanks to teamwork and precision.

What’s most inspiring at Mike Baur is that he chose to follow his passion rather than money. Everyone knows that Baur was a brilliant banker, and he could’ve made a lot of money if he’d stay in finance.


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