The Traveling VIneyard Sets the Pace for Home Business

The Traveling Vineyard has recently made its mark in the home business field. It is a company that started in 2001 but only recently has started a real growth that is being noticed by everyone. In the business that Traveling Vineyard offers, people can sign up to be a Wine Guide and sell wine are home parties.

The wine is fairly inexpensive at $14 to $25 per bottle which comes in red, white and sweet and fizzy. The nice thing about the product is that it is consumable and when people run out they will most likely want to buy more of it. The wine itself is said to have a satisfaction rating of over 98% among guests.

A person can become involved as a Wine Guide for $179 which buys a “Success Kit” to get a person started. With the kit comes two tasting sets as well as instructions and tips on how to start the business.

The ideas are to get friends and neighbors to invite their friends and acquaintances to a wine tasting party in which the host receives 5 free bottles of wine for the trouble. Free wine at a get-together is enough to get a group of people together for anything, and thus a business is formed.

Traveling Vineyard also sells wine accessories such as decanters, chillers, openers and other paraphernalia pertaining to wine. The Wine Guide is given information all about wine and it is relatively easy to sign up and get started. People who are involved state that it is fairly easy to make money. Customers can sign up for the company’s wine club which offers a discount for consistent orders, which automates sales making the job so much easier.

Others who are involved with the company as Wine Guides relate that support from the company is very good, but really how much do you have to do to convince people to try your wine. If they are there at the home party, you would have to believe that they are motivated.

People also like the idea of working for themselves and dictating their own hours. The possibility of earning a nice income on this basis is very appealing to people. Many of the Wine Guides have achieved a level of production that has enabled them to quit their job and be a Wine Guide on a full-time basis.

Traveling Vineyard is a very reputable company and it has a good track record in supporting its Wine Guides and customers. It is a member of the Direct Selling Association which is a well-known organization requiring its members to follow an ethical sales and marketing program. The popularity of the program is gaining more press and interest levels are rising accordingly among folks who seriously would like to have their own business.

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