The Trabuco Is A Medieval Siege Weapon And It Is Still In Use Today

The Chinese like to tell stories about the early wars in their country. China is a country that fought off foreign invaders, and they conquered those enemies. The Chinese people are an innovative group, and their creative skills didn’t go to waste when they had to build weapons to defeat an enemy. One of those early weapons is still in use in some parts of the world because it does some serious damage. That weapon is the Trabuco.

The first Trabuco was a catapult with a large wooden arm attached to a wooden base. A counterweight pulls the arm down, and a huge rock or some other object flies through the air when the sling is released. During the Middle Ages, the Trabuco became the Trebuchet, but the name change didn’t change the power and the force of a projectile speeding toward a target on Castles and fortresses that were in the range of a Trabuco were no match for this primitive but deadly weapon.

History books have pictures of the early Trabuco models according to These war machines were not fancy weapons. They were simple weapons in the 6th century, but they were capable of giving an army the upper hand in battle. The only problem with using a Trabuco was its consistency. Rocks were the bullets, and if the sling of the Trabuco was not in the correct position during the pullback process, the rocks would miss the target. So the precise calculations that sent the rocks to the right target were important, but those precise calculations were not always accurate in the early days.

The Trabuco won many a battle in China, Europe, and Brazil. During the 4th, 5th, and 6th centuries. The Trabuco was the go-to weapon if an army had to capture a town or a fortress. Huge rocks were bullets before gunpowder took their place. And those rocks could weigh a ton if there were enough people operating the Trabuco during a conflict. The fact that the Trabuco is still in use is a testament to its effectiveness according to The modern day versions are more precise, and they can do a lot of damage during a national uprising or during an emerging market riot.

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